Foodini is a minigame host and a customer. Starting from his debut in Papa's Pancakeria, he has always been the last customer unlocked before Papa Louie.


Foodini has a purple top hat with a ticket in it covering his eyes. He usually has a big grin. He is slightly overweight, but not as much as Big Pauly. He wears a yellow bowtie and a purple suit. He wears a yellow flower on his breast pocket. He also has sparkly yellow pants.


Foodini's Flipdeck was released on July 2, 2012.

This popular game-show host found the perfect venue for his traveling game show: Papa’s chain of restaurants! Since the opening of Papa’s Pancakeria, Foodini brings his assortment of food-themed mini-games to the restaurant every evening. Papa Louie loved the added exposure from the game show, and worked with Foodini on a promotion for opening his new restaurant in Starlight City.


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