is one of Papa's original customers who is obsessed with tomatoes. He will order anything tomato-related (or red if there is none). He debuted in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! but was absent in Papa's Freezeria.


Greg is a boy who has freckles and brown hair under a white and red cap. He wears a red and white shirt and brown pants woth grey shoes and belt.


-23 greg

Greg the tomato fan

Greg's Flipdeck was released on May 3, 2012.

Greg is a fun-loving kid who lives in the apartments above Papa’s Pizzeria. As with other customers, Greg was held captive by Sarge in a gilded cage for many days. During that time, he observed dozens of wild jumping Tomatoes in the area. Greg studied them, taking detailed notes and sketches. After he was rescued by Papa Louie, Greg became the go-to kid for any and all Tomato facts.

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