King Percival Plumpfeather is a minor character who, like his wife, appears only in the intro, where he put up a bounty for Dudley; and in the epilogue of Jacksmith, where he thanks the titular donkey for saving his daughter and rewards him with the bounty.


King Plumpfeather appears to be an old brown waterfowl with a yellow bill and webbed feet. He has blue eyes and thick white eyebrows and beard. He wears royal purple vertically-striped clothing with yellow buttons and a blue collar. His accessories include a big gold crown encrusted with ruby tips and sapphires, emeralds and a central ruby, and a gold necklace with a hexagonal ruby. He is always holding a gold staff with a sapphire encrusted (possibly) diamond egg atop it with a gold star at the very top.



Ye olde King Plumpfeather

King Plumpfeather's Flipdeck was released on October 16, 2012.

King Percival Plumpfeather came to the throne at age 19 following his father, the late Eadwig de Plumfeather son of Plunfæthar the Elder. During his first 20 years of reign, King Plumpfeather conquered and extended his kingdom’s reign to the far off mountains of Alpine Ridge. He also organized peaceful trade and mutually beneficial treaties with the diverse clans that live amongst the expansive Plumpfeather Kingdom.


  • King Plumpfeather and his wife have matching coloured costumes.

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