Little Edoardo
Little Edoardo
is a member and founder of the Romano Family Quartet. He is the father of Bruna and Carlo, uncle to Gino, husband to the late Giordana Romano and brother to the late Giacomo "Gigante" Romano. He debuted in Papa's Pizzeria.


Little Edoardo is a short old man with hardly any but three strands of grey hair on his head and medium-sized grey eyebrows. He wears a white shirt with green lining, a red tie, red pants with brown belt and shoes.


-14 littleedoardo

Edoardo the percussionist

Little Edoardo's Flipdeck was released on February 9, 2012.

Little Edoardo is the founding member of the Romano Family Quartet. He is the elder of the family and father of Bruna and Carlo Romano. In the quartet, Little Edoardo plays percussion, and is a master of the bongo drums.


  • The "Little" in his name denotes his size.
  • His orders are usually spicy but not as spicy as Rico's.
  • He is usually the last Romano to appear.
  • Like all of the Romanos, he hails from the town of Portallini.
  • In Papa's Burgeria, Papa's Burgeria HD and Papa's Pancakeria, he has the "weirdest" orders.
  • He was featured in the Valentine's Day 2013 blog post delivering balloons and a box of chocolate to Olga (who has a crush on him), much to his chagrin.

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