is one of the older customers who debuted in Papa's Pizzeria, but she was absent in Papa's Pancakeria.


Olga appears as a chubby but cheery old woman who has short white hair and a beauty mole near her lips, possibly denoting her beauty pageant past. She wears a small dark purple-grey hat, a matching coloured dress with big brown buttons and brown shoes.

Her younger self is a slim, gorgeous woman with long light blonde hair. Her dress is similar to Kayla's but is of her own palette. Her hat has a brown bow on it.


-38 olga

Olga in love

Olga's Flipdeck was released on August 14, 2012.

Olga is a pizza loving lady from Tastyville. In her younger years, Olga was once crowned Miss Tastyville at the town’s annual beauty pageant. Lately, she has developed a crush on Little Eduardo, and dreams of one day being called Mrs. Olga Romano.


  • Olga's crush for Little Edoardo is further highlighted when she appeared in both the Valentine's Day 2012 blog post and the Papa's Hot Doggeria poster, much to the latter's chagrin.
  • Before her Flipdeck was released, Olga was widely poked fun of for being ugly just because of her chubbiness.

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