Papa's Hot Doggeria intro01:19

Papa's Hot Doggeria intro

Introduction with Taylor

Papa's Hot Doggeria is the 7th of the Papa's Gameria series, after Papa's Wingeria. In this game, you can work as Taylor or Peggy, or you can be a custom worker.


The Griller Stadium has opened! You go there to buy a ticket for the game.You are the last person in line.The tickets are sold out after the person in front of you, Jojo, buys his. You are sad. You see an advertisement on the wall that says that Papa Louie wants to hire someone for Papa's Hot Doggeria, and says it has the best seats in the house.


Order StationEdit

This is the place where the customers wait to get their orders taken, and to pick up finished orders.

Grill StationEdit

This is the place where you cook the hot dogs. There are 4 different dogs to choose from. When the dogs are cooked you can put them in 4 different types of buns.

Build StationEdit

The main place where people mess up and lose points. You put various toppings and condiments on the hot dog based on your customer's order here.

Pop StationEdit

2 meanings: Carbonated drinks and popcorn. Each "pop" has its own individual dispenser. Both of them have 8 different flavors and 3 different sizes.

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