Papa Louie is a chef from Tastyville and uncle to Roy. He has built seven restaurants, and has given each of them away to some of his loyal customers. He is always the last customer to be unlocked, and is either unlocked from reaching the rank before the Better than Papa! rank or getting all of the other customers on gold.



Papa Louie wears a chef's hat. He has a big black mustache and thick eyebrows. He wears a red neckerchief and a chef's coat.

Flipdeck InfoEdit


Papa Louie, everyone's favourite chef

Papa Louie's Flipdeck was released on February 13, 2012.

Papa Louie is a lovable Italian chef who got his start selling delicious pizzas. He has a legion of fanatic customers who are willing to try anything Papa Louie has to offer. Whether it’s free pizza parties, or the keys to his latest restaurant, Papa Louie is always trying to reward his loyal customers!

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